Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Thanksgiving: A Humble Author's Gratitude

This Thanksgiving was a very special one for me, as it was my first spent with my lovely wife at my home.  As a union, her family and mine had come together under one roof to eat and celebrate each others company.  We, like the two of us, were one in spirit.  That was a sobering moment for me to reflect on.  Without our marriage, these two family entities would not have ever broken bread.  Making this short, it was the largest and most memorable Thanksgiving I can personally remember.  The food tasted better, the wine was refreshing and the dessert made us heavy enough to stay seated in each others presence for even longer than expected.  This is what this holiday is really about.  Yet, on the same token, I must give thanks to those who came to visit me at my little book signing before Thanksgiving on Nov. 23rd.  It was an absolute honor to meet excited fans of some self-published fantasy author, just trying to break out and share his work with people.  There was a great joy in my heart as I discussed my work with them and watched them look over the book they purchased for themselves or someone else with longing to journey into its pages or have the chance to tell their loved ones on Christmas that, "I got it signed by the author for you!"  So, let me take this time to give thanks to God, my wife, my family and friends for making me a better man--but also to my "fans," or generous supporters, who shared that special day with me.  They gave me their time, their ears, their kind words and good tidings.  As a self-published author, that is the very fuel that drives me to climb further up the mountain.  I have no more fear or doubt about my destiny as a writer.  Great things are coming, no matter how far the climb is, I thank all of you for helping me up.  When I make it to the peak, we will celebrate Thanksgiving together.

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