Sunday, November 9, 2014

Self-editing: The Marathon of the Modern Day Self-Publisher

   Having written seven novels and an array of poems and short stories, it has become evident that I am (not to toot my own horn) quite an excellent story teller.  I love writing dark fantasy and I believe it shows in my work.  However, nearly every novel of mine contains that blemish.  It is the dreaded editing mishap.  Perhaps it is a misspelled word or a grammar mistake--maybe even an indent put where it doesn't belong.  In the long passionate process of writing a novel that can inspire readers and die hard fans of the genre, it happens.  I miss one.  Maybe two.  Maybe, how many you said???  Best practice is to follow your heart with the story, but let a friend read it over first.  Give it to an objective reviewer you are close to.  To cover every base, hire an editor to give it the professional once or twice over.  Its your work, and you can't catch 'em all.  But, then again, a few here and there never killed the impact of the hopes.  I mean, movies have their inconsistencies in filming even the highly acclaimed and most watched.  Every game, especially the most played and celebrated have their glitches. I love playing Skyrim, but, man, those glitches!!!  Still, I love the game.  Why?  The experience.  Its my hope that if you do come across a blemish in my work, smile and find the humility in it.  I am not one to easily accept grammatical flaw in my stories, no matter how rare.  I am still so grateful for all those who have read and are reading my work now.  Your support and kind words mean everything to me.  Criticizing my editing is a part of the self-publishing process and I've grown from it.  Thanks for that--and thanks for having faith in my novels.  Positive feedback is the fuel I use to keep writing.  And, boy, I don't think that fuel will ever run out.  Its been on full for a long, long time. 

p.s. I'm still trying to get over the "K" in Mortal Kombat.  Why the heck is there a--oh never mind.

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