Monday, September 14, 2015

Indie Author Spotlight #2: Steve Spatucci

   This month's choice for Indie Author Spotlight, as part of my Indie Authors Unite campaign, is Steve Spatucci.  A designer, illustrator, animator, developer and author, Steve is a Jersey Boy who has written screenplays since the 90's, particularly his dark comedy "Play Date."  Currently, he has released his new (and first) novel Breach Point, the story of Clara Tuffney, an inquisitive high school sophomore who moves to the quiet seaside town of Breach Point, New Jersey, where she learns that a boy who died in a mysterious fire may have returned as a malevolent spirit.

     You can find it here: 

Five Lessons He Learned in Writing and Publishing Breach Point:

1) Having a cover that people respond to goes a long way in marketing the book.

2) eBook formatting in 2015 is a lot like creating a website in 1995.

3) Being able to split my brain between publisher, author, and cover designer was a challenging but necessary skill.

4) The editing/rewriting/proofreading cycle could easily become endless without a firm deadline… and it almost did.

5) Once the book was out and people began asking me about it, telling them only a little about it was more effective than trying to convey the whole plot


     Steve has created websites, online games, and other material for clients such as Dreamworks, Fox Searchlight, and Live Nation.  As a musician, he’s played drums in several bands and is currently part of the musical improv game show Rock Improv-a-Ganza.   Steve is married to a pastry chef, and together they have a seven-year-old boy who he’s training to be a ninja.  Sounds interesting, enough.  As a Jack of Many Trades, a family man and first-time indie author, I believe he deserves this spotlight honor.  Way to go, pal.

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