Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Teacher's Poem to Young Graduates by David V. Mammina

You came to this place,
with a smile on your face—
or maybe a frown
And some of you…a clown.

You had your own style,
Which hung for a while—
but then you met others
your new sisters and brothers

You struggled here and there,
Fearing you’d get nowhere.
The work was harder,
some classes—a bother.

You had fun times,
Singing, dancing, making rhymes…
Playing games and sports,
Sometimes misplacing your gym shorts. 

You raised your hand
And you made a stand.
They told you could,
And we knew that you would.

You changed here,
Finding yourself and facing your fear.
For you, a new age is near,
But for us…we’re losing something very dear.

We watched you grow,
Like a plant from the snow.
We showed you a light,
And you shined bright.

We felt your pain,
And celebrated your gain.
We taught you something new,
And maybe that’s why you grew.

But, at the start we knew
That it was all up to you.
We just gave you a chance.
It was your life to enhance.

And in seeing you now,
We knew you’d make it somehow.
And you’ll leave us here,
To make your future clear.

But, it’s not the end,
For on you we depend.
You are our hope and pride,
And your talent cannot be denied.

So, we BOTH came to this place,
And we’ll start a new race.
We believe in your spirit,
Because for you this IS it.

Lovingly Dedicated to the Class of 2016

by David V. Mammina

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