Friday, August 21, 2015

You Don't Make It On Your Own: 3 sobering tips for indie authors

  You don't make it on your own in this business.  We all have something to contribute to this world and, in our case, its a great story.  However, getting out there to share your work is almost impossible when there is relentless competition and lots of "loud noise and bright colors" (as I like to call it) shrouding your dreams.  The dream will come true as long as you visualize it and believe in it.  However, if you think its you against the world or you on top of the world, you're wrong.  The fact is, you don't make it on your own.  We all need a helping hand.  The more you help others, the more others will want to help you.  It's symbiotic.

     1. Allow your friends to help you.  They are your friends, and they care about you.  When you succeed, they (if they are truly your friends) will want to help you rise even higher.  If you lack success, they'll want to lift you out of the mud, clean you off and get you back on the road again.  They help because you help them, and they know that when you make it, you take them with you.  Never be afraid to ask for help.  That's what friends are for.

2. Don't feel betrayed.  Not all members of your family will really care about what you've done, or what you're trying to do.  After all, not everyone has stake in your dreams.  Yet, family sticks together and you need them to help spread the word and encourage you to push on.  That's what family should be, but no one is obligated.  Stay tuned to your loved ones, but do not feel betrayed if they do not help in your success.  They love you, though that may not include your talents or dreams.  Friends are the same.  Do you really care about Sally's countless duck paintings?  Would you share her paintings on your page, pass out flyers to the community, buy a $100 picture of a duck?  Maybe you would, maybe you wouldn't.  What you can do, is inspire them and help them find venues where others can help them too.  Just don't write off a family member or friend if they don't actively assist you in your journey.  That's business.  Remember that they're your family and friends, not your business associates!

3. Scratch some backs.  Basically, find those who want to help you, and help them with their dreams in return.  Scratch peoples' backs and they may scratch yours.  Find those who are like you and reach out to them with a helping hand.  There are many writers, artists and artisans like you who are trying to break out.  If you think that others who you support will just pass you by without a thank you, you're statistically wrong.  No one forgets the person who promoted them and asked for nothing in return.  The hope is that they understand this principle.  No one makes it on their own.  So, shout out to those who have helped you reach goals you may not have been able to achieve on your own.  Never take all the credit.  It doesn't all belong to you.  Your fans that read your product supported you too.  Scratch their backs just the same with a shout out, kind thank you, retweet, etc. 

-Happy writing!

-David V. Mammina

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